Fiat Sell Out

Lego Technic Supercar FSO Polonez

We found this model too late for Halloween, but it would have been a perfect Frankenstein’s monster for the festival of all things horrible!

Many vehicle manufacturers have sold off their old designs to be re-built (badly) by state-run abominations within oppressive totalitarian regimes. Mitsubishi, Renault, Rover and – most prolifically of all – Fiat, have all seen their retired cars re-borne overseas. Lada, Yugo, Zastava, and FSO amongst others all owe their engineering to Fiat, and they all had one thing in common. They were complete sh*…

Fortunately the people of Poland are now unshackled from both the tyranny of communism and the FSO Polonez they had little option but to drive. The FSO company didn’t last long in the free world after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the factory closed down in the early ’00s.

The FSO Polonez is therefore quite a strange choice for a Lego Technic ‘Supercar’, but that’s just what newcomer Krzysztof Cytacki has chosen to recreate, and in doing so he’s built one of the finest and most accurate Supercars we’ve ever seen.

Underneath the stylish bodywork there’s a perfectly replicated engine, gearbox, interior, steering and suspension system, plus opening doors, hood and hatchback, working windscreen wipers and LED lights. It really is one of the best Technic Supercars ever built.

You can see Krzysztof’s creation in a huge gallery on Flickr by way of the link above – it’s well worth a few clicks.

Lego Technic FSO Polonez

9 thoughts on “Fiat Sell Out

  1. thomasgraafland

    Now THAT is a Technic car. By far my favorite MOC from this year so far. Only one word comes close to my mind: wow!

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