Intergalactic Rescue

Lego Space Mobile Launch Pad

Looking a bit like an enormous tow truck for spacecraft, David Roberts’ ‘Leviathan’ mobile landing pad is more than an excellent classic space vehicle. Underneath the red and yellow stripes beats a heart of pure Technic, with huge independent suspension, remotely controlled six wheel drive and Power Functions four wheel steering. Oh, and two very pleased-looking mini-figures at the controls.

See more of this wonderfully eccentric Classic Spachnic mash-up on Flickr at David’s photostream – click here for the full gallery.

Lego Leviathan Classic Space

4 thoughts on “Intergalactic Rescue

  1. David Roberts

    Dear TLCB,

    Many thanks for featuring my machine on your blog. Unfortunately your nasty little Elves have worn out the batteries in both my remote control and my Power Functions battery box whilst playing with the Leviathan. They have also left sticky fingerprints on the windscreens from all of those Smarties that you feed them. Whilst it’s a great honour to be featured on The Lego Car Blog, I do wish that you would exercise a bit of control over your work force. I assume that once I have scraped up the Elf that was smushed under the Leviathan’s wheels, I can return it to you via the First Class post?

    Yours faithfully,

    D Roberts

    CEO & Chief Designer, Llwyngwril Systems.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Mr. Roberts

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Apologies for the damage caused by our Elves. Unfortunately out of reach of the office air-horn they are fairly uncontrollable. We’re not too bothered about the return of the errant Elf, however for your own security we’d recommend swift postage.

      TLCB Team


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