Big Mac

Lego McLaren MP4-12C

Swiftly replaced by the 650S, the MP4-12C is probably the least sexily named car ever made (Soviet and Chinese cars excepted of course), but it has brought an exciting new player onto the Italian-dominated supercar pitch. There’s a lot more to come from McLaren over the coming years too, and all of it will be based on the MP4’s remarkable carbon-fibre tub and 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, meaning the MP4-12C will leave quite a legacy.

You can see more of this brilliant Model Team version courtesy of Flickr’s (FLAVIO), click the link to see all the photos.

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One thought on “Big Mac

  1. […] from a certain McLaren, the creation in this post has probably the most uninspiring vehicular name of all time. The DAF FT […]


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