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Big Mac

Lego McLaren MP4-12C

Swiftly replaced by the 650S, the MP4-12C is probably the least sexily named car ever made (Soviet and Chinese cars excepted of course), but it has brought an exciting new player onto the Italian-dominated supercar pitch. There’s a lot more to come from McLaren over the coming years too, and all of it will be based on the MP4’s remarkable carbon-fibre tub and 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, meaning the MP4-12C will leave quite a legacy.

You can see more of this brilliant Model Team version courtesy of Flickr’s (FLAVIO), click the link to see all the photos.

The World’s Fastest Fax Machine

Lego McLaren MP4-12C Technic Supercar

McLaren’s MP4-12C might be saddled with a name you’d expect to find on a piece of office equipment, but it’s still an awesome bit of kit. Dikkie Klijn returns to TLCB with his Technic recreation of the British super car, and it’s every bit as good as the real thing. Featuring a working V8 engine, steering, suspension, gearbox, scissor doors and a fully modular chassis, it took Dikkie almost a year and half to complete. You can see all the spectacular photos, including chassis details, on MOCpages or Flickr.

Lego McLaren MP4-12C