Taste Optional

Lego 1980s Mini-Truck

This particular TLCB writer is too young to remember the 1980s, and quite thankful for it he is too. But a gentle mockery of some of TLCB’s more mature staff is not to be missed, and thus today we find ourselves looking at an example of a modified Chevrolet S-10, one of the ‘mini-trucks’ that were all the rage in 1980s America.

Flickr’s Lino M has added some giant Alpine speakers to the deck (for what we don’t know – this abomination?), scissor doors, and that… er, ‘tasteful’ pink pinstriped paint job as dictated by the time. Accompanying the Chevy are two unmistakably ’80s characters showing us why it’s never good to follow fashion trends too closely – you’ll only regret it later.

You can see more of Lino’s Chevrolet S-10 mini-truck on Flickr, click the link above to see more. No not that one – oh, too late!

Lego Chevrolet S-10

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