Auburn Boattail Picture Special

Lego Auburn Boattail Speedster

This is special Special. Due to an inflated sense of self-importance we tend to write quite a few meaningless words here at TLCB. For this post though, whatever we say is completely moot, because this creation is so utterly beautiful the only way to do it justice is through images. Lots and lots of images. So here they are…

Lego Auburn Boattail

It’s a 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster, and although it’s a bit early to guess ‘Car of the Year’, this is quite possibly it. Used in an Indiana Jones movie, Flickr’s Veeborg has recreated the incredible pre-war roadster in wonderful detail.

Lego 1935 Auburn Speedster

You can see the full gallery at Veeborg’s photostream here, or at his MOCpage here – they might be the best Lego links you click on this year…

Lego Vintage Car

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