Return of the Mack

Lego Mack RL700L Rubber Duck Convoy Truck

This beautiful Model Team recreation of the Mack RL700L ‘Rubber Duck’ from the 1978 movie ‘Convoy’ was discovered on Brickshelf today. There’s only one photo at the moment – and we have a feeling that we’ve seen this builder before somewhere*. zmasterbrick is the mysterious creator and you can see their Mack in full-size by clicking the source link above.

*Answers in the comments if you know! It does make for a clever title though.

5 thoughts on “Return of the Mack

  1. Chris Melby

    Hey, thanks for the post guys! It’s been a while. I have a full spread of the build process and a dozen high res pics on my website Again, good to see you guys again, it’s been a while! ZMB

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