Shuriken Supercar – Picture Special

Lego Crowkillers Shuriken Supercar

The Elves are riotously excited following this find. They love Technic Supercars, and TLCB Master MOCer Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers) is one of the very finest supercar builders around. His latest creation goes one step further to pleasing the Elves, as alongside the usual (and impeccably engineered) Technic Supercar features, Paul has added a few optional extras.

Lego Technic Supercar Paul Boratko

Violent optional extras at that, including wing-door mounted missiles, machine guns in the front wings, and the power of flight thanks to some nifty transformation.

You can see more images and read the full specification details on Eurobricks, MOCpages or Brickshelf, plus you can see Paul’s ‘Shuriken’ Supercar in action in the video below, with a very Elf-friendly soundtrack.

YouTube Video:

Thank you to all the readers who suggested this creation to us. 

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