Lego Classic Space Vehicle

‘Swooshing’ is an activity usually used for the imagined flight of model spaceships. Its land-based counterpart, the ‘zoom’, is typically reserved for models with wheels. Not that TLCB Team waste hours in the office testing these attributes of the Elves’ finds…

Anyway, this marvellous creation from Flickr’s Chris Perron seems to transcend the usual neat categorisation of propelling a Lego model by hand, appearing to be both ‘Swooshy’ and ‘Zoomy’ at the same time.

So Zooshy? Or Swoomy? Either way, Chris’ ‘LL26 Seeker’ is a wonderfully playable bit of kit, and you can Swoom or Zoosh your way over to Flickr to see more.

Lego Classic Space Kit

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