Power Cut

Lego Technic Supercar

This impressive looking vehicle is the latest creation from Eurobricks’ builder and previous bloggee Lipko.

Underneath the striking bodywork Lipko has built a Technic Supercar chassis of old-school brilliance; and that means there’s not a single Power Functions motor to be found anywhere. Instead of remote control Lipko’s Supercar returns to the classic formula (and one which we very much like here at TLCB) of mechanical functionality, including a rear-wheel-driven V8 engine, independent (pushrod) suspension, functioning transmission, working steering and a mechanically deployed rear wing. Lego Community – we’d like more Supercars like this please!

There are more images and further details available on Lipko’s build at the Eurobricks forum; click the link above to join the discussion.

Lego Technic Supercar 2016

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