Lego Technic Scania Truck

‘Tis the season of cutting down trees, dressing them in tinsel and watching them… er, slowly die. But mankind’s appetite for timber is year-round, and it is machines like this that keep the supply of wood coming.

This is a Scania R620 logging truck, complete with centrally-mounted crane and 4-axle trailer. Built by Zbiczasty of Brickshelf it has a huge array of LEGO’s most trick parts squeezed inside it. Working lights, remote control steering and all-wheel-drive all feature, plus – much like LEGO’s own flagship models – Zbiczasty has combined these with a pneumatics system for even more realism.

Lego Pneumatic Crane

A Power Functions motor compresses air for the pneumatic cylinders, which power the stabilising feet, crane boom and the wood-handling grab. These are all mid-mounted between the tractor unit and the trailer, thus allowing logs to be loaded seamlessly onto both structures.

There’s a large gallery of excellent images, including some close-up photographs of some of the more intricate parts of the build, available via Brickshelf – click the link above to see more of Zbiczasty’s superb build.

Lego Technic Logging Truck Power Functions

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6 thoughts on “Timber!

  1. Zbiczasty says:

    Hello TLCB! Zbiczasty speaking – I’d say that my model is rather Technic than Model Team 🙂 Anyway, thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Zbiczasty

      Thanks for stopping by!

      We agree that this is definitely a Technical build, however we tend to categorise our posts by the way the model looks – as otherwise 9/10ths of our posts would be ‘Technic’ these days!

      It’s a big compliment for us to categorise a technical build such as yours as ‘Model Team’, as this means that the aesthetic detailing is beyond what we would expect to see in a typical Technic creation.

      Hope that makes sense!

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team


  2. Tina Challoner says:

    Are these up for sale? My son is dying to build this here at home 😎 We ourselves own a logging company and he just wants to build one that looks like daddy’s. 😍 I have looked high and low to find one as authentic as yours, if you can tell me how to get it I’d be honored.
    Tina Challoner

    Liked by 1 person

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