The Cannonball Run

Lego The Cannonball Run

Illegal street racing was on the big screen long before The Fast and the Furious franchise made it cool. 1981’s ‘The Cannonball Run’ was based on the real illegal street race across America that occurred two years earlier, although we expect the movie took a little bit of artistic license with the story…

If you’ve not seen it yet get yourself over to YouTube, and you can see more of one of the star vehicles from the movie – a Dodge ‘ambulance’ – courtesy of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg.

Lego The Cannonball Run

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2 thoughts on “The Cannonball Run

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  2. Justin AreTillier says:

    The cannonball run was a good movie, but I think the best car movies is either the fast and furious or need for speed. These are some great examples of car models though good job!


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