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TLCB Office had a few too many Jägerbombs last night and thus are feeling a little fragile today. Fortunately the awesome Firas Abu Jaber, a TLCB Master MOCer no less, has stepped in as Guest Blogger to keep the Legoey goodness coming. Over to Firas…

When you see a non-car creation featured on The Lego Car Blog it’s a good sign that it’s something exceptional, and this is certainly the case with billyburg‘s latest creation, the “Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost”. Billy proves to us that a nice MOC with great photography and presentation makes a compelling combination for a high quality Lego creation.

A lot of adults from the eighties and the earlier nineties, including myself, were raised on the love of LEGO space sets, and it’s considered one of the most loved themes of the time. Personally I was a big M-Tron and Space Police fan, so these kind of quality space creations bring back a fond memories of the good old days, especially as this MOC looks big fun to build and even greater fun to play with.

Lucky for us Billy has decided to suggest this MOC as a project on the LEGO Ideas website, so if you’d love to have this as an official set someday make sure to head to the project page here and give it your vote – it’ll need to get 10,000 supporters before LEGO consider making this as an official set.

If you’d like to see more of Billy’s Classic Space masterpieces you can jump to his Flickr photostream by clicking here.

Lego Classic Space

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