Pimp My Speeder

Lego Star War Landspeeder Hot Rod

We’re not really sci-fi people here at The Lego Car Blog, what with us blogging… er, Lego cars. As such George Lucas’ most famous works rarely feature here, despite all his constant meddling with the franchise.

Today though we’ve made an exception, because we do like Classic Space, and we love big engines. It’s not often that the two meet, but when they do the results are bloody brilliant. So much so that we’re even willing to overlook this build’s inherent Star Warsyness. It’s the work of previous bloggee Priovit70, and it’s easily one of the coolest Star Wars Landspeeders that we’ve ever seen. Which isn’t saying much as we haven’t seen many, but it’s also one of the coolest Classic Space creations that we’ve seen too, and that’s saying rather more.

You can check out this hovering hot rod at Priovit’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

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