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Lego Technic Motorcycle

The key ingredient to how fast a motorbike can go isn’t the engine, or the brakes, or the suspension. It’s the bag of meat in the middle, far more so than in a car. Unfortunately it’s usually this component that lets the bike down, often with tragic consequences. Still, if you or someone you love needs a new kidney, an ambitious biker could be just the ticket…

Most Technic motorbikes ignore the crucial component that is the rider, however newcomer Nikolay has built something quite remarkable – because his stunning Technic motorbike works. And not just in the usual way (piston engine, steering and suspension), but in that it features actual functioning controls for the throttle, brakes, clutch and gearbox – all as you would find them on a real bike. If you could find a rider small enough this incredible model really could be ridden…

Lego Technic Motorbike

Well, it could if it had a motor on board. Luckily for our Elves – who would have been used as guinea pigs if a motor were present – Nikolay’s bike is much too small to contain one. Nevertheless, this superb creation features some spectacular and highly original engineering (unlike a recently launched official LEGO Technic set). The best way to see how it works is by video, and fortunately Nikolay has produced an excellent one to accompany his build. See what this bike can do below, plus you can see all the images on Flickr here and you can join the discussion at the Eurobricks forum here.

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