Rancher RC

Lego Technic Remote Control 4x4

This magnificently tough looking off-road truck comes from previous bloggee filsawgood, and it smashed its way though the office today. As is usual, a deliriously happy (and spectacularly vengeful) Elf was at the controls, using the model’s twin L Motors to smush as many of its colleagues as it could before it was discovered and ejected from the office. We counted four victims, which was a reasonable total but some way off the office best. Anyway, the model – entitled ‘Rancher’ – is a neat bit of kit, featuring 4-wheel-drive, portal axles, trick suspension, and LED lights. You can see more images read the full spec via Eurobricks at the link above, where you can also watch a video showing what it can do to a prancing horse…

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