Try Me

Lego Space Dragster

This is our kind of vehicle. Why has no auto manufacturer built something like this yet? – If the Nissan Juke exists this bloody well ought to.

A giant triangle (the best of all the shapes) fitted with a monstrous gas turbine engine, David Robert‘s ‘Turbine Dragster’ is just the ticket for the journey home after a long day in the office. There’s more to see (and why wouldn’t you want to see more of this?!) on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump.

2 thoughts on “Try Me

  1. Billy Burg

    Glad this got blogged. It’s just the kind of Lego creation that puts a smile on your face – which to me is what Lego is all about.

  2. David Roberts

    Many thanks for featuring this machine on your blog. I just wish that it had Power Functions motors inside for your Elves to use to smush each other!


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