Cheap Thrills

Lego Technic Porsche 911

Things that do a lot for a little are very much liked here at TLCB. Now we aren’t suggesting that the real Porsche 911 is a cheap thrills option – unfortunately classic cars are being hunted down like Pokemon at the moment, so even the lowest spec, ugliest bumper-ed 911 is worth silly money these days – but this tidy Technic recreation of Porsche’s 964 series 911 shows what can be done with a few bricks and a bit of talent.

Underneath the simple but actually quite effective bodywork is a working flat-6 engine, functioning steering via both hand-of-god and the steering wheel, folding seats, plus opening doors, hood and engine cover. Which means that this little gem has nearly as much going on as the official £250 LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3, only it uses about a tenth of the pieces.

You can see the full gallery on Brickshelf courtesy of Atrx, where’s there’s also a link to a video demonstrating the model’s features. Good stuff Atrx!

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