Yesterday’s belated birthday celebrations have left a trail of bashed and battered Elves across the Axminster in the The Lego Car Blog offices. The effects of jelly and ice-cream on our mythological workforce was quite startling, following their meagre diet of meal tokens and Smarties.

What better way to clear up the bodies than this lovely 5-wide ambulance from the prolific de-marco? Click this link to see more views.

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2 thoughts on “Ambulance!

  1. nilsobrix says:

    Are you sure, there was only jelly and ice cream, no alcohol? I only count 5 studs when I look at the width of the ambulance ;-))
    Anyway, congratulations on your anyversary. Thanks for the fun we have with this blog and keep on bricking!

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    • Dr Asp Menace says:

      Thanks for your comment and yes, you’re right: it is 5 wide (we’re going to edit that) and yes we might have celebrated with something stronger than jelly.


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