Rocky Road

Lego Rocky Road Chase

A delicious if overly sugared snack, the rocky road would be a sure Elven favourite if ever we allowed them to have it. Or if they knew what it was.

Today’s lucky Elf is about to receive its own sugary hit thanks to this multiple-vehicle find. Built for LEGO’s ‘Great Mountain Chase’ contest, this brilliant scene from Flickr’s Pixel Fox depicts a pair of bank robbers attempting escape from their Police pursuers, who they surely didn’t expect to have access to a monster off-roader and a dirt bike.

Pixel has created his landscape from actual rocks to form the mostly-dry river bed, and it comes complete with a startled fisherman and a pair of hikers whose day just got a lot more interesting. See more of the scene and place your bets on the outcome at Pixel Fox’s photostream by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Road

  1. Ushi

    hi there, just wondering; do you also sell your creations? I am looking for a present to surprise my boyfriend – he adores datsuns 240z so i am looking for its lego, have just no idea where and how to buy one. Do you got any tips?

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Ushi

      Thanks for your message. Your best bet is to contact the builder of a Datsun 240Z directly with your request. There is a link in each blog post which will take you the builder’s page where you can enquire if the model (or instructions) may be for sale.

      Here are all of the Datsun 240Zs we have blogged so far;

      We can also recommend the ‘How to Build Brick Cars’ book, which contains instructions for a great 240Z model.

      Good luck!

      TLCB Team


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