Height of Drunkeness

Lego Sky-Fi Bar

We’re often drunk here at The Lego Car Blog, as demonstrated by the inane jibba-jabba that regularly streams from our keyboards like racist profanity from an elderly relative at Christmas time.

However no matter how much we drink, we still don’t understand ‘sky-fi’. The whimsy of, er… let’s say the nerdier corners of the online Lego Community (which is itself pretty nerdy), sky-fi seems to blend Edwardian fashion and Dickensian storylines with a complete rejection of the laws of physics. But if you’re going to reject the laws of physics, you may as well reject them in a big way.

Lego Sky-Fi Floating Pie

Previewed here last month, Markus Ronge‘s brick-built world ‘Full Steam’ has begun, and the results are spectacular. This is the first of several creations Markus has built to inhabit that world; the enormous ‘Maersk Pier’ designed to cater for the luxury airship fraternity, complete with a grand Sky Bar (so patrons can drink and fly) and some of the finest detailing we’ve seen on any creation so far this year.

Despite the fact we have no idea what’s going on or how it works, it’s a place we’d seriously want to visit (if we owned a luxury airship), and with enough alcohol you can probably do just that. In your mind anyway. Head drunkenly skywards via the link in the text above.

Lego Sky-Fi Bar

9 thoughts on “Height of Drunkeness

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Wesley

      Thanks for your message.

      It sure is, even taking Jesus’ first miracle into account.

      Fortunately this is a website about Lego creations, run from a dilapidated tower and with a labour force of magical Elves, so we can leave preaching the Truth to those better equipped to do so than ourselves.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

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