A Busload of Books

Lego 1959 Salem Ameriliner Library Bus

Public transport is a depressing place these days. Only inhabited by people staring zombie-like at the screens clutched in their claw-like hands, endlessly scrolling through mindless drivel and self-promotive imagery, without having a clue what lies outside the windows or if the old man two seats in front is having a heart attack. Still, talking of mindless drivel they could be reading The Lego Car Blog so it’s not all bad.

This is much more our thing though, a gorgeous 1959 Salem Ameriliner bus re-fitted as a travelling library, with over sixty mini-figure books, a gramophone, and probably containing more than a few hipsters. It’s the work of Chris Elliott and there’s more to see of his beautifully presented creation at his Flickr album – click the link above to hop on board and open a book.

Lego 1959 Salem Ameriliner Library Bus

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9 thoughts on “A Busload of Books

  1. Steve says:

    The adverts on this site are getting out of hand, they are semi pornographic. Everything in its own place. Not on a Lego site.


    • Hello Steve

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We don’t directly control the ads as these appear via the WordAds programme. However if you have an example we can raise this with them – let us know by reply.

      We have stopped a few ads that we haven’t been happy with in the past, but on the whole the vast majority are acceptable, even if some are a bit ‘click baity’, but unfortunately that’s often the nature of online marketing.

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


      • Steve says:

        I can’t remember the company, only the seductive posture of the lady who signed up to have her butt photographed and plastered on websites that have nothing to do with their target audience. Not many people care to be honest, I probably look like a million year old grandad having a rant, once again. I should have figured you don’t have a lot of choice over your ads. But it’s just a bit weird when it happens. One moment, a car made of bricks, and the next, some lady making a few bob from dodgy photo’s of clothes that should be next to free, there’s so little for sale. She’ll have cold nights in bed, that’s for sure. Well, just letting you know. Well done with the rest of the site, you’re doing a good job.


        • Thanks Steve. If any adverts appearing here breach advertising standards regulations (or annoy us) then we do alert WordAds who take swift action.

          We think we know the ad in question, which did surprise us too, but is the correct side of the line from a standards perspective.

          That said, some online ads do offer readers the chance to report them too, via small logo in the corner.

          Thanks again and we hope you can continue to enjoy this site for the LEGO content, if not the occasional advert.

          Kind regards
          TLCB Team


    • Shawn says:

      Your comment would be more appropriately submitted via [top menu] > About Us > Contact Us


  2. […] you to The Brothers Brick and The Lego Car Blog alike for their wonderful posts about this […]


  3. Shawn says:

    Did you see the picture of the engine bay?


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