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A Busload of Books

Lego 1959 Salem Ameriliner Library Bus

Public transport is a depressing place these days. Only inhabited by people staring zombie-like at the screens clutched in their claw-like hands, endlessly scrolling through mindless drivel and self-promotive imagery, without having a clue what lies outside the windows or if the old man two seats in front is having a heart attack. Still, talking of mindless drivel they could be reading The Lego Car Blog so it’s not all bad.

This is much more our thing though, a gorgeous 1959 Salem Ameriliner bus re-fitted as a travelling library, with over sixty mini-figure books, a gramophone, and probably containing more than a few hipsters. It’s the work of Chris Elliott and there’s more to see of his beautifully presented creation at his Flickr album – click the link above to hop on board and open a book.

Lego 1959 Salem Ameriliner Library Bus

Half a Ton

Lego Set Reviews

With no Elves returning to TLCB Towers over the past few days we’ve been enjoying the peace by flicking back through our past set reviews.

As with almost all of the milestones this blog has reached, we weren’t paying attention and missed our fiftieth addition to the Set Review Library, so instead we’re celebrating no. fifty-three…

Yup, that’s over fifty of LEGO’s vehicle sets reviewed, from their latest line-up all the way back to the 1970s! To see them all (and maybe read what our anoraks think of your favourite set), click on the link below.

TLCB Set Review Library


Visit Your Local Library

Lego Set Review Library

Snow is falling here at TLCB, signifying both the arrival of the Christmas holidays and the seasonal drop in our posting frequency. TLCB Elves – being Elves – are ‘happy’ to work over the festive holidays, however TLCB staff – being drunk – probably aren’t. So if you’re here wondering what to do with yourself in the absence of our usual posts, why not visit TLCB Set Review Library? Every LEGO set ever reviewed by the office anoraks is listed (plus a few things that aren’t sets), just click on an image of your choosing and you’ll be magically whisked to the relevant page!

Visit TLCB Set Review Library Here

Rate My Set

Lego Set Reviews

With Elves going hungry this weekend we’ve dipped into Archives to remind you that The Lego Car Blog features an extensive Review Library of over forty official LEGO, Technic and Model Team sets. We don’t just write about LEGO, we build it too. Hand-picked by the office anoraks the reviews include official sets from the latest Technic line as well as classic flagships from decades past that now change hands for mega-bucks on eBay.

So before you buy a set, see how it’s rated by the experts; simply visit the Set Review Library and click on your chosen set!