Made of More

Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness has been a fixture of bars around the world for over 250 years. It has therefore probably been responsible for more fights, more babies, and more drunken singing than any other product in history, and the world is all the better for that.

Getting Guinness around the world is not quite as important as it used to be, with the beer now brewed in nearly 50 counties, however Ireland remains its home, which is a country where this incredible Guinness tanker truck by Flickr’s jarekwally would almost certainly never be located.

Ireland’s roads are tiny, twisty and laced with sheep, making them wholly unsuited to a truck like this, but we don’t mind because jarekwally’s build looks spectacular.

There’s more to see of his stunning Guinness truck/tanker trailer at his photostream – head to the bar via the link above and pour a pint…

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3 thoughts on “Made of More

  1. Insulted says:

    “Ireland’s roads are tiny, twisty and laced with sheep, making them wholly unsuited to a truck like this” – come visit Ireland before you make a condescending, insulting comment like this!


    • Hello Insulted

      Thanks for your message

      We’re not sure how the above is condescending and insulting. American trucks are not used in Ireland, the UK, or Europe as they are – generally – too large to be accommodated by the roads.

      This TLCB writer has worked in and driven substantially around Ireland (although not in an American truck), but thanks for the invitation.

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


  2. Cian Duffy says:

    We use a Peterbilt 379 in work, in Ireland. They fit.

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