Do It Yourself Mr Bean

Some TV shows are famous for their cars. Knight Rider has KITT, The Saint has the Volvo P1800, Dukes of Hazard the Dodge Charger, Starsky and Hutch the Ford Gran Torino, and Mr. Bean… a Mini with an armchair strapped to the roof.

There was a very good reason for the armchair to be on the roof, which Flickr’s Lasse Deleuran has recreated perfectly with this wonderful 5-wide homage to Mr. Bean’s trip back from the DIY store.

Head to Lasse’s photostream via the link above to see more. Just make sure the head of your broom doesn’t fall off…

4 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Mr Bean

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Lesley

      Thanks for your your message.

      Like everything we post this is not an official LEGO set and thus is not available to buy in stores.

      However you can contact the builder directly via the link in the blog text to ask if they would be willing to sell their model or help you create one yourself. In this case the builder has also created a YouTube video showing how their model is constructed.

      Good luck!
      TLCB Team

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