McLaren Automotive are continuing Britain’s long tradition of making cars that are excellent in almost every way, but which have the reliability Windows XP.

Back in the ’90s they outsourced this unreliability to BMW, but the results were still spectacular. The McLaren F1 was the fastest production car in the world, with a gold-lined engine bay and an amazing central driving position.

These two remarkably similar Speed Champions versions of the iconic ’90s supercar were independently found by two Elves today, sparking an inevitable Elf fight, and a dilemma for us in the office.

We’ve chosen to avoid conflict and publish both together, with the red car coming from Rolling Bricks, the grey one from Fabrice Larcheveque, and there’s more to see of each via the links.

2 thoughts on “F1x2

  1. Fabrice

    Many thanks TLCB,

    Such a coincidence that Rolling Bricks and I published Lego designs of the same car pretty much at the same time.

    I must admit – I really like Rolling Bricks’ design and think it is a tad more accurate than mine. So, I will try to enhance my model further to close the gap with this brilliant creation.

    ..and, of course, I can’t wait for more of your great blogs.




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