The Best Car Ever!*

*Well, according to The Straight Pipes at least.

Lexus are a curious car company. They make immensely dull econo-boxes like this, the ugliest car in the entire world, Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite car of all time, and then this; the stunning LC500, described by The Straight Pipes as the best car they’ve ever driven.

That might be going a bit far, but an atmospheric V8 in a car that looks like a concept from 2035 is quite a rare thing, so maybe they have a point.

This superb Model Team version of Lexus’ current flagship comes from previous bloggee Lasse Deleuran (aka gtahelper) who, um… owns one of Lexus’ dull econo-boxes. Still, his real-life Lexus CT200h is the same shade of red as his brilliant LC500 model, so they have at least one thing in common other than the badge.

There’s more of Lasse’s fiendishly complicated and utterly wonderful Lexus LC500 Coupe to see on Brickshelf, and you can take a look via the link in the text above., pub-2937016905918446, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

2 thoughts on “The Best Car Ever!*

  1. Lasse Deleuran

    Sorry for the confusion. Brickshelf was much faster at moderating than I expected. My CT is black. It is my LC500 that is dark red like the LEGO model of it. I will make a video clearing it all up – but first the building instructions have to be completed. They are taking forever due to the many odd angles.

    1. thelegocarblogger Post author

      Hello Lasse
      After mildly mocking you for your CT200h it seems we have to take it all back as you have a LC500 as well!
      The coolest TLCB Reader car? It’s certainly infinitely cooler than anything we own…
      TLCB Team


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