Stick it to ’em

The Lego Car Blog regularly chastises LEGO for their increasing and often unnecessary use of stickers in sets. Said sticky pictures have been dubiously deployed to create details that should be constructed from actual LEGO pieces, until that is, they inevitably peel off and you’re left with no details at all. We hate them.

So here’s a creation covered in a veritable butt-ton of stickers…

No, we’re not consistent. But nuno_g_teixeira’s be-stickered recreation of the 1981 Monte Carlo rally-winning Renault 5 Turbo is glorious.

Underneath the beautifully accurate decals, custom 3D-printed wheels, steering wheel and Recaro seats applied by Nuno is Lachlan Cameron’s brilliant Technic Renault 5 Turbo road car that appeared here last month.

Nuno’s fantastic rallyfication of Lachlan’s design replicates the rally-winning Renault in spectacular detail, largely thanks to the incredible period-correct livery of which you can see more at Lachlan’s photostream. Maybe stickers are alright after all…

2 thoughts on “Stick it to ’em

  1. Nuno Teixeira

    It’s an honor for me that my version of the @Lachlan Cameron’s R5 is @THELEGOCARBLOG.COM!
    I follow your blog for some time and having my beast among all this fantastic creations it’s a massive thrill for me!
    Big thanks to you guys, keep the excellent work and of course, a huge bow to @Loxlego for creating such great cars and trucks! He’s really one of the greatest MOCers!


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