The Best 4×4+1

LEGO’s 40650 Land Rover Classic Defender is a rather nice little 150-piece pocket-money set. But add just a single extra stud to the dimensions (and a few more advanced building techniques) and it can become something altogether more authentic. Cue SvenJ.‘s excellent 7-wide Land Rover Defender 90, which adds the Defender’s famous ‘barrel side’, triple-rear-window, posable steering, and a whole heap more interior and exterior detail. Building instructions are available and you can upgrade your own 40650 set via the link above.

1 thought on “The Best 4×4+1

  1. Sven

    Thanks a lot for blogging my little Defender!
    However, I’m afraid simply “upgrading” the 40650 won’t do… 😉
    I used only 42 parts from the original set (most notably of course the printed Modified Plates for the headlight frames), so ~230 have to be acquired elsewhere.


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