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We have a contender for Creation of the Year today. This utterly bewitching Lotus 49 is the work of Flickr’s Pixeljunkie who has not only recreated one of the greatest racing cars ever designed in spellbinding beauty, the model’s presentation is absolute perfection.

Pixel’s gorgeous model includes spectacular suspension, engine and gearbox detail and a superbly replicated ’67 Team Lotus livery complete with authentic logos and badging. It’s an incredible piece of work and you can see the images shown here in more detail via the link above, plus you read more about how the real car became one of racing all-time greats by clicking here.

Colin Gives You Wings!


…Colin Chapman, that is, who had the bright idea of bunging half a helicopter blade upside down on one of his cars (fact) to see if his ‘downforce’ idea worked. The rest is history. Here’s the pioneering Lotus 49 in Gold Leaf colours, presented for your delectation by that master of studliness, MortalSwordsman.

The elves particularly liked the way you steer it, by twisting the driver’s head. Can’t think why…

Find it on MOCpages: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/335091 and enjoy!