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Twin Turbo

Bricksky boat

Ever since they discovered this build by Tyler Sky on Flickr, the Elves have been splashing around in the TLCB Executive Jacuzzi, making engine noises. Inspired by his wife’s present of mini-figs and seagulls, Tyler has built a super-fast Octan catamaran. We can tell it’s fast, thanks to the brilliant, brick-built rooster tail which he has created. Click on the links to see more details, including which of the twin pilots isn’t enjoying the ride.

I’ve got WIND…

Lego CatamaranFlying on water

…Wind power that is!  Check out Chris Melby’s (aka ZeeMasterBrick) latest dynamic MOC titled WIND.  A fantastic creation with plenty of SNOT, moveable sails and two flying pelicans! What more could you want to win the America’s Cup.