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Lego Classic Space Elephant Mech

Because who wouldn’t want a giant mechanical lunar elephant? Exactly. No-one. Head over to David Alexander Smith‘s Flickr photostream to show your appreciation!


Lego Elephant Mech

Nature’s greatest all-terrain-vehicle makes one heck of a mech. A Mechephant as we’ve called it, because we’re lyrical geniuses…

Found thanks to Bricknerd (yes, we know – we’ll kick an Elf…) it’s the work of Mitsuru Nikaido and there’s more to see here.

Classic Spacephant

Lego Classic Space ElephantBecause who doesn’t want a giant animal-based space station of whimsy? David Alexander Smith’s ‘Classic Space Elephant Exploration Rig’ is one of the best things our Elves have ever brought back, even though we have no idea what it’s for or what it does. Trek over to MOCpages or Flickr to join in the mechanical safari.

Lego Elephant Robot