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Lego Technic Volvo FE Refuse Truck

This is not one of the more sexy vehicles to appear here at The Lego Car Blog. It is, as any European reader will know, a humble Volvo refuse truck. But it one of the most well thought-out Technic creations to appear here in a very long time.

There are no remote control components, no motors, and no pneumatics, but this model has mechanical functionality by the wheelie bin load. Built by previous bloggee Thirdwigg the little Volvo features a mechanical bin lift, compacter, extraction plate, hopper, piston engine, steering, tilting cab and opening hopper. It’s just the sort of model that we wish LEGO would add to the Technic range themselves, and there’s lots more to see on Flickr and Eurobricks at the links.

Lego Technic Volvo Garbage Truck


Lego Garbage Truck

Christmas is almost over, and that means a bumper load for the bin men to haul away. Wrapping paper, boxes, and – in the case of the TLCB – many many empty bottles, are all ready to be thrown out.

Some of our more astute readers may have noticed a subtle message in this post’s title. We’ve given the job of sorting the office’s yuletide rubbish to TLCB Elves, who’ll be arranging it by material for our refuse collectors, or – if it’s even slightly edible – ‘disposing’ of it themselves. And if the Elves can recycle, so can anyone.

Oh, the model. It’s a rather brilliant remotely controlled Technic bin lorry / garbage truck with a whole host of thoroughly engineered working functions. Find out what it can do at Waler‘s Brickshelf page.

Lego Refuse Truck