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Hipsters’ Dream

Lego Fixie Bike

Commonly found meandering towards an independent coffee house in Shoreditch, the fixie bike has become the default mode of transport of the hipster. Given that the hipster movement is a counter-cultural one that attempts to shun anything mainstream, there’s a certain irony to the fact that they all seem to conform to this one choice of wheels. A true hipster would drive a Lamborghini. Anyway, this gorgeous Lego fixie bike is the work of previous bloggee Tim Schwalfenberg, and you can see more by clicking upon the link above.

Hipster House

Lego Camper Bike

If there’s something more painfully hipster than this Camper Bike, we’re yet to see it. We’re not sure whether owning this pedal-powered home would make you look; a) very cool, b) like a failing meth cook, or c) like some kind of human snail. Whichever it is, Ultimate Design Bricks is the builder of this whimsical contraption, and you can see more of his creation on MOCpages here, or on Flickr here.

Hipster Rocket

Hipster Fixie Bike

Captions are too mainstream

A while ago we posted Silvavasil’s Fixie Bike in a rare move away from our usual V8-powered fodder. He’s now returned with an updated version, which is sure to confuse the hell out of the hipsters that liked the first version so much. You see, the new bike has a thumping great rocket motor attached (very un-hipster), but… it sure isn’t mainstream.

Hipster’s Paradise

Fixed Wheel Bike

Hipster Wheels

We’re a bit biased here at The Lego Car Blog. Most of our posts are towards the fast / thirsty / environmentally disastrous end of the vehicular scale. But not today. Today we redress the balance (albeit momentarily) with this beautiful Fixie Bike, uploaded to Flickr by Silvavasil.

So if you’re sitting in an independent coffee shop, sipping an alternative latte and reading this on your MacBook through thin glasses, this post is for you : )

And if you’re not, normal service will be resumed shortly.