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My Other Car’s a Mustang

The Ford Mustang and Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia are two iconic ’60s coupes. However, whilst one was (in its day) a powerful, large-engined muscle car for the masses, the other… wasn’t.

With the air-cooled engine from a Beetle, but a larger heavier body, the Karman-Ghia was quite fantastically slow. But it was also gorgeous.

So too is this marvellous Model Team version, which previous bloggee monstermatou has built only from the parts found within the official LEGO 10265 Ford Mustang set.

Opening doors, a detailed interior and a lifelike engine are all included, and there’s more to see at monster’s photostream via the link above, where a link to building instructions will also appear shortly.

Pretty Red Dress

Lego Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia

Volkswagen’s Karmann-Ghia (named after the design studios that created it) may have simply been a Beetle in a pretty dress, but what a dress! The Karmann-Ghia is easily one of the most beautiful cars of the 1960s – itself one of the most beautiful eras of car design – and this gorgeous Model Team recreation of the classic coupe captures the Ghia’s curves superbly. Built by Vibor Cavor and suggested by a reader you can see more at both MOCpages and Flickr.