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Belville Bird

Lego MH-6 Little Bird

The male figurines from 1990s LEGO Belville have built an escape! Housed in a world of pinks, purples and glitter, even a plethora of attractive female figurines couldn’t compensate for their inescapable male-toy need for guns, helicopters and black. How they’ve found the pieces to construct their escape we’ll never know, but their MH-6 Little Bird helicopter looks the shiznit! See more courtesy of Lennart C on Flickr.

We’ve got a Blackhawk down!

MH-6 Little Bird

MH-6 Little Bird

Whilst the Black Hawks got all the glory in the battle for Mogadishu, the Little Birds like this played just as big a role. Andrew Somers is the creator of this near perfect mini-fig scale version. P.S. We know it’s not a car, but we like helicopters with guns too!