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Belville Bird

Lego MH-6 Little Bird

The male figurines from 1990s LEGO Belville have built an escape! Housed in a world of pinks, purples and glitter, even a plethora of attractive female figurines couldn’t compensate for their inescapable male-toy need for guns, helicopters and black. How they’ve found the pieces to construct their escape we’ll never know, but their MH-6 Little Bird helicopter looks the shiznit! See more courtesy of Lennart C on Flickr.

Black Hawk Down

Lego Black Hawk Down

Sniper Cover

We’ve blogged much of Project Azazel‘s work before, and this new shot is too good not to feature. Recreated from the fantastic movie that recounted the 1993 Somalian mission that went horribly wrong, Azazel’s Delta Force snipers are positioned on the rooftops. Attempting to safeguard the rescue team heading for the downed Black Hawk helicopters, they didn’t all survive the night.