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Pedal Power

Lego Bikes

Not that you’d know it from recent posts, but we are supposed to be a car blog. However, we do have a soft-spot for anything pedal powered – they were our first wheels after all. These two unusual builds come from Konajra on Flickr, and Stephan Niehoff of Flickr and MOCpages.

Konajra’s drift trike looks like a riot of fun. The same can’t be said for Stephan’s penny farthing mountain bike, which looks like one of the most dangerous contraptions ever invented. Join the ride via the links above.

Penny for your thoughts?

Penny Farthing

The world's first extreme sport?

Penny Farthings, so named because of their wheel size ratio, are perilous things. It’s easier to get on a grumpy rhino than one of these. But that didn’t stop the thrill-seekers of Victorian England, and Mijasper hasn’t let the difficulty of building one in Lego stop him either. The master of ‘Nice Parts Usage’, check out this and his other superb works on Flickr.