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Man With a Van

red 01

Whilst many of our sci-fi oriented Elves are busy giggling at this year’s Febrovery creations, some of them are still scouring the rest of the internet. One Elf has just been rewarded with a shiny red Smartie for bringing back this pick-up truck. It’s the latest in Don Wilson’s series of flying vehicles, that has also included racing cars, speeders and a scrap metal lorry. Click this link to see more of Don’s models on Flickr.

red 02

But does it Transform?

Alex Wong's Optimus Prime

Alex Wong’s Optimus Prime

This, on the other hand, IS definitely a car. At least every so often. A nice 8-wide truck with enough room to fit two nice little minifigs.

You don’t believe it? Check out Alex Wong‘s MOCpages account, and you’ll be amazed.

‘Holy Quality, Batman!’


Yes, yes, we know the Tumbler’s been done before; but rarely this well. This one even has working bits and bobs and room for the figs inside its multi – faceted form. Plaudits should go to Marcus Paul over on MOCpages. Find it here http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/325295

Penny for your thoughts?

Penny Farthing

The world's first extreme sport?

Penny Farthings, so named because of their wheel size ratio, are perilous things. It’s easier to get on a grumpy rhino than one of these. But that didn’t stop the thrill-seekers of Victorian England, and Mijasper hasn’t let the difficulty of building one in Lego stop him either. The master of ‘Nice Parts Usage’, check out this and his other superb works on Flickr.

You talkin’ to me?

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

A trembling elf returned to The Lego Car Blog Towers holding on to Misterzumbi‘s recreation of the iconic character, and cab, from Martin Scorsese’s 1976 masterpiece ‘Taxi Driver’.

The little chap has certainly expanded his vocabulary since watching the film. None of his new found words are printable here.