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Victoria’s Secret

Lego Victorian Henderson Motorcycle

Splendidly-named builder Dwalin Forkbeard has constructed a sweet Victorian ride. His steampunk Henderson motorcycle (a company that actually started production very shortly after the Victorian era) can be viewed on Flickr, and we’re pleased because it’s allowed us to make a tenuous link to an underwear company that we had to Google purely in the name of research. Victorian bike > Hell’s Angels > Victoria’s Secret Angels… See, it all makes sense…

The Queen Vic

Lightning McQueen Viv Viper

Novvember is finally over, so until the next tenuously titled month-long bandwagon rolls into town here’s one of the last creations uploaded to the departing theme. Tim Henderson‘s Lightning VicQueen shows what Disney’s anthropomorphised racing car would look like if he was born a few hundred years later. You can check him out on Flickr at the link.

Queen Vic

Lego Space Station VictoriaLEGOLIZE IT MAN’s micro-scale ‘Victoria’ Space Station adds a dose of sci-fi to The Lego Car Blog to round off the week. See more of his work at his photostream here.