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Forever Sweeping

A proportion of mankind are – let’s be honest – knobs, and if you chuck your litter on the ground, you’re part of this subset.

Fixing this problem, at least on hard-standing areas, is the humble street sweeper truck, which will brush up all the detritus dropped by the aforementioned cockwombles, before they re-litter the streets and it has to do it all again. And again.

Representing this infinite loop of tedium is Zsolt Nagy (aka kodlovag), whose Technic sweeper truck perfectly captures the mundanity of the real thing.

There are working brushes underneath (plus a detachable one up front), that can be powered either as the truck is pushed along or by the on-board Power Functions motor. A tilting cab, functioning steering, and a working piston engine complete the Technic features, and there’s more of the model to see at both Flickr and Eurobricks.

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Digital Doodoo

Our workers may be mythical creatures, but their turds sure aren’t. And that doesn’t even make any sense. Fortunately a reader has suggested this robotic street sweeper, which looks just the thing for removing Elf droppings for TLCB Towers. Finn Roberts (aka ORION_brick) is the builder, or rather ‘designer’ as this is a digital creation, although so good is the render it’s very hard to tell. There’s more to see of Finn’s cyberpunky cleaning robot on Flickr – click the link above sweep the streets on 2077.