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7 years in the making

Today’s post was suggested by the owner of the MOC in question. We’re not in the habit of fulfilling self-requests, but this story is quite a nice one, and the model featured is well worthy of your time, so we bent the rules a little.

LegoKitteh1138 wrote to us detailing his Technic HumVee. Built and refined over the course of 7 years it shows what you can do with patience and practice, even if you don’t have all the pieces you need at the start or haven’t yet mastered all the techniques required. As is the way with many of the current crop of Technic vehicles, this model features Lego’s excellent Power Functions remote control system for drive and steering, as well as independent suspension, All-Wheel-Drive and working lights. Read the story behind it at LegoKitteh’s blog.

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