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Lego Lada Niva

It’s a bumper crop today at The Lego Car Blog! Previous bloggee de-marco has been very busy of late, building a plethora of 5-wide Town-style vehicles.

Lego Pick-Up Trucks

Ranging from beautifully constructed classic pick-up trucks above, through a Humvee, an airport luggage tug, and even a Baywatch-esque coastguard vehicle (allowing us to get Pamela Anderson into the tags), de-marco’s small-scale creations are wonderfully life-like replicas of their real-world counterparts.

Lego Airport Tractor

You can view each of the 5-wide models featured here, plus lots more besides, courtesy of de-marco’s Flickr photostream. We’ll get you started with the Lada Niva pictured at the top of this post, which is our favourite – but then we’re a bit weird like that. Choose your own via the link above!

Lego Humvee & Baywatch Pick-Up

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Hardcore DHL

4x4 HumVee

To Battle! Right after we express deliver these packages.

This chunky lump of yellow is Private Pyle‘s ‘Mine Resistant Ambush Protected’ vehicle (MRAP), just the thing for going to parts of the world that are a bit explode-y. The Lego Car Blog Elves like this, as their quest can take them to some downright hazardous places too at times. Once three of them were trapped inside a broken MOCpages for nearly a week. Talking of which, MOCpages is where you need to head (if it’s working).

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Rival Blog – Project of my Life


7 years in the making

Today’s post was suggested by the owner of the MOC in question. We’re not in the habit of fulfilling self-requests, but this story is quite a nice one, and the model featured is well worthy of your time, so we bent the rules a little.

LegoKitteh1138 wrote to us detailing his Technic HumVee. Built and refined over the course of 7 years it shows what you can do with patience and practice, even if you don’t have all the pieces you need at the start or haven’t yet mastered all the techniques required. As is the way with many of the current crop of Technic vehicles, this model features Lego’s excellent Power Functions remote control system for drive and steering, as well as independent suspension, All-Wheel-Drive and working lights. Read the story behind it at LegoKitteh’s blog.

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Hero of War

HumVee Desert

War. What is it good for?

Although LEGO’s ethics policy means no modern conflict sets are produced, there are plenty of peices that can be reappropriated for military use. Mak_s has done a superb job, creating this desert-spec HumVee and LVSR. Titled “Brothers in Arms”, it can be viewed on Flickr.

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