Blue Whale

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Insert almost any other car for twice the awesome

This incredible model is the work of Rolands Kirpis, aka Rolic, on Flickr. One of the most detailed cars we’ve ever featured, Rolands’ Jeep Grand Cherokee comes complete with a full tan interior, V8 under the hood, and opening everything. It’s just a shame it’s a replica of such a rubbish car (cue a load of comments from angry Americans). Still, the new Cherokee is getting surprisingly good reviews in Europe, so there’s hope for Jeep yet. See more of the old model in Lego form on Flickr.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Whale

  1. Fotograf says:

    WOW it looks great!


  2. […] Blog in Technic form, yet oddly the brand’s most popular model, the Cherokee, has appeared just once (in Grand form, when we mocked it). This is probably because the Cherokee is seen as a bit of a […]


  3. […] is a late ’90s Jeep Grand Cherokee, and we hate it. Well not this one obviously, as we’ve blogged it, but the real car. Shoddily built, boringly […]


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