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Grandalf the Gray

Lego Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a late ’90s Jeep Grand Cherokee, and we hate it. Well not this one obviously, as we’ve blogged it, but the real car. Shoddily built, boringly styled, and with an enormous wheezy V8 making about 8bhp, the Grand Cherokee is everything we dislike in a car all rolled into one. The only grand thing about it was the name.

Still, the fact it was crap didn’t stop it selling in the hundreds of thousands, as families across America clamoured for a car essential for taking little Cody to school. One such owner is Flickr’s Thomas Gion (sorry about all the above Thomas…) who owns a grey ’99 Laredo edition, which he has recreated brilliantly in Lego form.

Constructed from 265 pieces, almost half of which are mounted sideways or upside-down, Thomas’ 7-wide model features more ingenious build techniques than many models five times the size. There’s more to see of his mini-figure scale Jeep at his album on Flickr – click the link above for a closer look.

Lego Jeep Grand Cherokee

Blue Whale

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Insert almost any other car for twice the awesome

This incredible model is the work of Rolands Kirpis, aka Rolic, on Flickr. One of the most detailed cars we’ve ever featured, Rolands’ Jeep Grand Cherokee comes complete with a full tan interior, V8 under the hood, and opening everything. It’s just a shame it’s a replica of such a rubbish car (cue a load of comments from angry Americans). Still, the new Cherokee is getting surprisingly good reviews in Europe, so there’s hope for Jeep yet. See more of the old model in Lego form on Flickr.