Dartz MRAP

Soccer Mum inside somewhere…

Dartz, the Latvian-based manufacturer for the rich and tasteless, were the perfect choice for the latest Die Hard movie. Gone were the subtleties of the superb 1988 original, replaced in A Good Day To Die Hard by explosions, car crashes, explosions and a few more explosions.

rabidnovaracer did seem to enjoy the cynical fifth installment of the franchise though, and has created the star vehicle from the movie with a huge bucket of grey bricks. The Dartz Kombat features a 1000bhp V8, armour plating, an interior made out of many many dead animals, and – if you’re a lady – a limited edition vibrator. No we’re not making that up.

See more on Flickr (where we wonder just how much of the above detail rabidnovaracer has included…).

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