Drag Queens

Lego Harley Davidson

Insert wheelie bar and aero package for twice the awesome

The Lego Car Blog Elves continue their unending search for the best LEGO creations on the world wide web, and today one returned from a romp through Brickshelf with these. MOCer tango-zero has recreated some glorious drag bikes, the latest two of which you can see here. Above is a wonderful Harley Davidson Street Racer, whilst below is the baddest type of bike you can get; an insane Top Fuel Drag Racer. To see these and tango-zero’s other bikes, click his hyperlinked name above.

Lego Top Fuel Drag Racer

A wheelie bar and aero package like this in fact

2 thoughts on “Drag Queens

  1. ZetoVince

    I’m in love with the first one!! Mind blowing bike! I hope the creator will make a profile in another site (flickr, mocpages,..) so we can show him our appreciation with comments and stuff…


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