LUGPol Lego Truck Trial, Warsaw 2013

Lego Truck Trial

We’ve not blogged a Lego event for a while, so today we put that right by linking you to the awesome Truck Trial movement, pioneered by the Lego Users Group in Poland. LUGPol recently hosted their first round of the 2013 Championship in Warsaw.

Truck Trial is a real life event in which beautifully modified trucks attempt to climb, traverse and descend around a fiendishly difficult off-road course. Like Motorbike Trials, the aim is to complete the course in the quickest time. Penalties are given for course infringements such as missing gates or getting stuck.

Lego Truck Trial follows these rules, and adds in a few brick-related ones too. These include each truck requiring a complete cabin, on-board power supply through standard AA batteries, a working piston engine, and no more than two LEGO motors for drive.

The courses in Lego Truck Trial may be considerably smaller than those used in the real events, but they are no less difficult. This leads to some epic driving skills and, when these fail, some hugely destructive crashes!

Want to join in?

  • Read the full Lego Truck Trail rules* here.
  •  Watch Lego Trial Trucks in action! To see past LTT Championship videos simply type ‘Lego Truck Trial’ into YouTube.
  • Check out the full gallery from LUGPol’s Warsaw 2013 event via ManiekManiek on Brickshelf.

*These may vary depending on the host country.

Lego Truck Trial, Warsaw 2013

1 thought on “LUGPol Lego Truck Trial, Warsaw 2013

  1. James

    Was actually in Poland when this stuff was going on, didn’t get a chance to go to it as i wasn’t 100% clear on what it was but it was the talk of the town.


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