Here Be Monsters

Lego Monster TruckPaul Boratko (aka Crowkillers) is one of our favourite builders here at The Lego Car Blog. His models look and function brilliantly, but it’s they way they’re built which sets them apart; they’re as easy to build as a LEGO set. His latest, entitled ‘Some kind of monster’ is another beautifully engineered modular build, and one that can be easily modified with Power Functions motors. See the gallery and be inspired on MOCpages.

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5 thoughts on “Here Be Monsters

  1. Jans says:

    I watched the video for this and I am overly impressed, the idea behind this is clever and original.. I am very familiar with this designer’s work and have followed for years. I know people say this about builders all the time, but this man should really be designing models for Lego. Only a few people are building car models at this quality level.


  2. Martin H says:

    I just found your car blog website link on the crowkillers website and I come here and see the crowkillers model featured. Very funny. Great to you both supporting each other. This model is very nice. I especially like the curve of the roof and the body. Very neat to remove it and replace. Excellent model and great blog! —Martin


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