Weekend Town Special

Lego Plymouth Fury

It’s the weekend, hurrah! And we’ve got a very special post for you today. MOCpages-based Henrik Hoexbroe has featured on The Lego Car Blog a number of times over the past two years with his superb Town-scale vehicles of all descriptions. Henrik uses these cars to add life and realism to his ‘Mega MOC’ Town displays, filling the streets with all sorts of wonderful classic metal.

Lego Cars

Henrik is currently working on his latest large Town scene and has shown a preview of the vehicles that will feature within it. They range from historic vans, buses and trucks (above) to well-known and easily identifiable classic cars, like the Ford Capri, Mercedes Taxi and Citroen DS (below).

Lego Cars

We highly recommend a visit to Henrik’s stunning MOCpages preview here, and we can’t wait to see the finished Town. We know he’s a reader of The Lego Car Blog, so Henrik, if you’re reading this, we’d love to interview you upon your Town’s completion!

Lego VW Bus

5 thoughts on “Weekend Town Special

  1. hoexlegonrik Hoexbroe

    Thanks for the blogging, guys! 😉

    This diorama (“One Big MOC 2”) will be presented on November 30th in the anual HispaLUG Expo en Madrid. I will be very happy to participate in a feature article with you guys about it.
    The subtitle of this is “an industrial diorama”, (not to be confused with this years MegaMOC which is Wild West themed, and which will also be presented at the same Madrid Expo!).

    Although I dont want to reveal too much about this dio, I´d just like to say that it is not a whole town, but I´ll dare to promise that the theme will interrest you guys, -for sure!

    Again thanks for your attention!

    Best regards

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Henrik

      Thanks for stopping by, and for accepting our interview. Let us know when your diorama is finished and we’ll run a feature.

      If you’d also like TLCB to feature the HispaLUG 2013 event we’d love to do so, if you don’t mind being a guest blogger after the event has finished?

      Best of luck with your display preparation, we can’t wait to see the final scene

      TLCB Team

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